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LA's Streets Created this Artistic Beast.

Gunz Lozano's story starts off similar to most who grew up running game on the streets: Violence, Drugs and Girls.  Yet, for this Lynwood, CA born creative mind, music was something that was at the core of his genetic makeup.  His father was a renown Mariachi who played for thousands of fans across Mexico including the President before immigrating to the U.S. that "love affair," with music was passed down first hand to Gunz.  From singing in choir to guitar, Gunz is a consummate artist and his unique "vocal" sound unequivocally draws you into his lyrics.  

A true artist, Gunz is also an accomplished actor with lead and supporting roles in films like "Demons of Jack County," "Jet Lag," "Scandal," and many more, Gunz is a quadruple threat adding Apparel Designer to actor and recording artist with his brand BUMS GET RICH, as well as Tattoo Model exhibiting his true artistic range.


Gunz has toured the West Coast, Midwest and East Coast.  He is tour ready for opportunities domestically and internationally.  Fluent in Spanish, he is also an advocate of Latino en Espańol music and can drop a bi-lingual rap that will make you second guess why he doesn't do that full-time.  Yet, an artist like this can't be limited to one medium and Gunz takes advantage of every avenue he can get his hands on.  



He is available for immediate booking:

  • Performance Gigs, Touring & Music videos
  • Club and Event Hosting
  • Commercial Brand Marketing Campaigns
  • Luxury vehicle brands campaigns
  • Jewelry Campaigns
  • Apparel Campaigns
  • Acting -Film & Television
  • Motorcycles and High Performance Racing Mfgrs
  • Tattoo and/or other Modeling


Instagram: @gunzlozano   /     Snapchat: @gunzruthless /     Twitter: @gunzlozano    /     Web:     / Soundcloud: /gunzlozano