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The World's Musical Influences Congregated in Costa Rica to Create the Delicious Vibe that is Ojo De Buey

Born in 2007, Ojo De Buey is a Latin Reggae band founded in Costa Rica.  With more than 5o international concerts and hundred of local and regional performances, Ojo De Buey has established themselves as an international Reggae star.

They are a full band with vocals, guitar, bass, keys, horns, and more which together provides the right amount of energy and sound to fill any arena or stadium.  Their unique sound ranges in intensity from soothing to stage jumping which sets the tone for an entertaining and moving experience if you are lucky enough to catch their performance North of the Equator.  Expansion, in fact, is their goal for 2017 as they embark on tours in Mexico and the US to continue to spread the Pura Vida vibe Costa Rica and Ojo De Buey have come to be known by.  

2017 is also the year in which we will be blessed with a new Ojo De Buey release.  Their prior albums, "Sabor En Un Tiempo Cruel," and " Repelente Pal Dolor," did fantastic in the charts along with singles "Una Sola Nación," "Queremos ft. HIRIE," and "Is This Love ft. Kafu Banton."  Their third album release is scheduled to hit the airwaves Spring 2017.



OJO DE BUEY is more than road tested, they are road proven.  They have toured internationally including

  • Organica Roots in Panama w/ SOJA, Groundation and the Wailers
  • House oF Blues Chicago with Rebelution
  • North Coast Music Festival Chicago 
  • La Resistencia Festival in Costa Rica with Groundation and Cultura Profetica
  • Festival Alta Vox in Colombia, Pura Vida US Tour including Cali
  • Pura Vida US Tour including performance at California Roots Festival, 5 de Mayo Fest and Reggae On The Block festivals


  • Miami Reggae Festival
  • Mexico Tour w/ Nonopalidece
  • Festival Viva El Planeta Colombia
  • Mexico Tour w/ Los Cafres
  • Grove Festival in Colombia with Matisyahu
  • EMF Festival in Guatemala with Skrillex
  • Festival Latino Mexico
  • Reggae to the Rescue in Costa Rica with Rebelution
  • Gira Cafres Alas Canciones in Mexico

They are available for immediate booking:

  • Performance Gigs, Tours, & Music videos
  • Commercial Brand Marketing Campaigns
  • Luxury vehicle brands    
  • Apparel
  • Film & Television Acting 


Instagram:  @OjoDeBuey   /     FaceBookt: /ojodebueycr     /     Twitter: @ojodebuey    /     Web: www.ojodebuey.com