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SAANÈ's Presence Is like a Colorful Melody with a Funky Bass Beat and a Touch of  Island Vibes

A Bay Area native, Saane is a fresh face with a unique voice ready to rock stages everywhere. Saane, (pronounced like the famous singer "Sade" except with an "N") is as rare of an individual as her name. With roots that derive from Tonga and Fiji, Saane has developed a sound that embraces her tropical heritage while grasping the ingenuity of her influences. In an industry where talent is of an abundance, it is Saane’s unique voice, song-writing, and vibrant live show that sets her apart from everyone else.

Simon Cowell’s comments from her performance on X-Factor Season 2 were, “You have the most unique voice I have ever heard, you are different and that is what I love about you.” Following her elimination on the show, Saanè's enthusiasm to grow from the show's experience led her to form her own backing band, and in 2014 Saane & Delight was born. Her determination has opened up opportunities to share the stage with artists like Sister Carol, Yelloman, Barrington Levy, Morgan Heritage, Fortunate Youth, Hirie, Jboog and more.

Local bloggers impressed by her music and stage presence started to express their thoughts as well. “They actually remind me of a band that was pretty big in the ’90s, one that also boasted a charismatic frontwoman and employed a unique mix of reggae, ska, pop and rock to ride the Billboard Charts for years.  I think they were called something like No Doubt.” -Nick Schaffer from The Bay Bridged.

Saane has been recording new music and is working towards releasing her self-titled debut Ep in 2017. Leading the effort with the anticipated single "Just Be Mine," there is much to be expected from this California girl, as she prepares to release new single "CALI4ÑA" ft. hip hop artists Gunz Lozano in the Spring,.  She is definitely one to watch as her story unfolds.


Saanè and her band, Delight, are prepped and ready to hit the road.  They have toured in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and California, but these young and energized artists are ready to hit the road fronting shows for bands or artists across the land.  They are eager to meet new people and bring their rocksteady, reggae rock vibe to venues and fans worldwide! 

She is available for immediate booking:

  • Performance Gigs, Tours, & Music videos
  • Club and Event Hosting


  • Jewelry Campaigns
  • Apparel Campaigns
  • Film & Television Acting 
  • Commercial Brand Marketing Campaigns


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